Vegas Vacations And Helicopter Trips to the Grand Canyon

Sin City is a wonderful destination for a summertime trip. The city is packed full of fun and excitement, plus, you can take a helicopter tour from there to the West Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Don’t miss the chance on taking a thrilling helicopter tour of the canyon when you are so close.

Believe it or not, the Las Vegas is 120 miles away from the West Rim, so it isn’t very far at all. It’s only about a 45-minute chopper flight away. The flight there is pretty exciting too because you fly over Hoover Dam, Grand Cliffs Wash, Lake Mead, and the Colorado River.


There are two places the Las Vegas helicopters take off from: one is on the famous Strip, and the other is in the suburb of Boulder City. The tours out of Boulder City cost less, but it is a forty-minute ride to get to the airfield.

Strip departures are much more convenient (only a 10-minute ride) and the shuttle service is by limo instead of a van. Not only that, these Las Vegas helicopters fly over the Strip on the return leg of your tour, so you get an aerial view of the massive resorts in Vegas. If you can swing it, you should definitely consider taking a tour that departs from the Strip so you can enjoy a fun limo ride and flyover of Vegas.

When you tour the West Rim, you can opt for a tour that lands at the canyon if you want, or you can choose one that stays in the air. They both follow the same flight path, the only difference is the landing tours drop you off at the canyon. After they arrive, air-only flights circle the Canyon and then head back. Landing tours either touch down at the top or on the bottom.

Landing Tours

The most popular tours, and the ones that sell out quickly, are the ones that fly to the bottom of the canyon to land. For example, the tour that includes a Champagne picnic is a favorite. You can also upgrade your tour to include two fun activities: a float trip along the Colorado River and a flight to the top of the rim along with VIP access to the amazing Skywalk. They all sell out quickly so book your tour well in advance.

One of the tours that land on top of the rim allows you 2 1/2 hours to explore the area on your own. Places to visit include Guano Point, Eagle Point, and Hualapai Ranch. You can choose a similar tour package that gives you the exploration time but also includes tickets to the Skywalk. Don’t miss the Skywalk if you are brave, you can stand on a glass panel 4000 feet over the canyon floor and 70 feet beyond the rim!

Tours on Grand Canyon helicopters come in two main flavors: basic and deluxe. The latter is more expensive, of course, but when you take all the perks of a deluxe tour into account (convenient Strip departure, limo, flying over the Strip) you realize it’s worth the extra expense. But maybe the best thing about deluxe tours is they use EcoStar 130 helicopters. These choppers are ideal for sightseeing because they offer plenty of personal space, stadium-style seats, and a massive wraparound windshield for unobstructed scenic views.

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